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The Confessions
Of A Pastor

Unmasking The Hidden Spirit Of Rejection.

A Word From The Author

This book is very transparent and will reveal the private deep painful areas of my life that I have kept hidden for many years. It was not my desire to release this book but. My Daddy (Jesus) gave me no choice if I wanted to move forward; I had to release it, or I would not be able to walk in my true destiny and purpose.
Everything in the book was written to bring healing in my own life but also to let the readers know that Pastors and Leaders are human, and they hurt too, sometimes more than the average person. Pastors & Leaders are expected to walk in their anointing with a Superhero Spirit without pain, frustration, family issues, financial dilemmas, personal pain, or any natural de- sires. If we encounter any crisis, the first media blast in bold letters; “THEY MUST HAVE SINNED & GOD IS PUNISHING THEM!”
Which is not true! We are Humans that hurt and have feelings like everyone else.
Apostle (Dr.) Janet Hogan Lamar
Youth Pastor, Elder, Outreach Director.

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